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Making the leap from a lackluster communications ministry to a robust, active and inspiring one is a formidable task. We've systematized some of the hardest parts and answered your toughest questions to make it easy.

Start small. Build something great.

We've Done Half the Work of Getting Started!

Whatever your level of skill, learn the conceptual framework for reaching Millenials with the Faith. You're already doing SOME of these things - now it's time to do them better!


Digital Downloads [Free]

Here’s a curated list of resources that we've used over the past 10 years to grow our ministry and inspire people to connect within our churches.

“Ask” Letters

Need help getting started? Just copy and paste these letters into a body of an email and hit send! Super easy.

Audio/Video Checklist

New to video or podcasting? Print out this checklist and never make an amateur mistake again. Go pro, now.

The Story Matrix

Learn the fast way to mete out the gist of any story. Diagramming has never been easier with this tool.

Interviewing Tips

Curious about asking the right questions tactfully? Or about being personal without being offensive?

Human Resources

Find the right person with the perfect job description. We've written it for you already! Copy and paste directly.

Find a Web Designer

Get the right person without breaking the bank on an expensive web development company. Know your options!

Email Templates

Just copy and paste these letters to invite people to tell their story. Even if you’re a great writer, this will save you a lot of time!

Design Templates

If you're a DIY-er, you want easy, effective, well-designed solutions to your communications needs. Here's a short list of turn-key solutions.

Interviewing Tools

Here’s a short list of little tips and tricks to get the best answers out of people, especially when it comes to video and audio production (which it will, eventually).

Magic Story Generator

This worksheet will help you deconstruct and diagram almost any story to distill the spiritual method. It can help organize your thoughts.

Affordable Equipment

If you want beautiful video, audio and photography, we can show you how to make it happen for a lot less than you think - a LOT less.

A DIY Church Audit

How do you measure the success of your church? We assume you believe that growth is necessarily a good thing. It is not.

Learn New Skills

Learn which skills to develop and how to acquire them. No need for fancy schools anymore! Use Lynda!

Social Media Best Practices

Learn best practices in social media. Get over your fear and start sharing the right way with very powerful tools.

YouTube Content

Video content is the future (present). Tell great stories beautifully, and with max impact, on a min budget.

We're guessing the reason why you've not been able to execute a consistent and effective communications ministry, is because you either don't have the resources or you don't have a good role model.

Inquire about Consulting We can help with both.