Why should young people pay attention to the Catholic Church?

We know the answer to that… but can we communicate it to them? Are we showing young people what a mature spirituality looks like through our communications and media?

Learn to tell stories that Inspire, Connect & Heal.

Let's Connect, and Tell Stories of Faith Together.

Whatever your level of skill, learn the conceptual framework for reaching Millenials with the Faith. You're already doing SOME of these things - now it's time to do them better!

The Corporate World calls this "Content Strategy"

We call it “Telling Stories that Matter, Connect and Heal”

As Church at the Parish level, we've historically avoided aggressive online evangelization. Times have changed. Our communities are the perfect size... Factors of production are low cost... And the people within your walls have within them the seeds of wisdom. Let them grow.

The Church sits on the most scarce marketing asset in contemporary culture:


In this book, I teach you how to leverage the already abundant resources we possess as the Church, and feed young people – spiritually – in a way that is authentic, real and meaningful.

Through story.

Our stories can reveal to young people what they and Doubting Thomas demanded of Christ – a preponderance of evidence demonstrating the value, beauty and philosophical depth of the Catholic faith. Our stories can save us.