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Our Mission is to make every Parish's communications - both off and online - engaging and on message to truly tell the stories of our Faith lives.

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Catholic Communications

Quitting Hopium: Stop Hoping and Start Inspiring Young People to Share their Story with Your Congregation [5 Tactics]

Are you hooked on Hopium? You just “hope” that Millenials are going to do a mea culpa and re-engage with the Church? So this single concept is usually what stops people in their tracks when they consider developing their organizational…
Catholic Communications

[3 Reasons] Why You Need to Revamp Your Catholic Church’s Website and Bulletin

Why? Why does this even matter? This is just ONE MORE THING! I can just hear your thoughts - and justifiably. It seems like a huge task to completely revamp your website, bulletin and content strategy. And it is. Wait…
Concepts Reframed

The Fallacy of Success Metrics at Your Church

I worked in communications for a relatively large church in Fort Myers, FL. I’ve seen how a concerted communications strategy based on storytelling can strengthen a church. I’ve seen first-hand how people are connected through stories, how healing takes place,…