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Our Mission is to make every Parish's communications - both off and online - engaging and on message to truly tell the stories of our Faith lives.

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Catholic Communications

The 2 Divergent Paths Your Church Could Take

It doesn’t matter how packed out your church is. Young people in today’s world are ALONE, and as the one contact they might have to the spiritual world, we’re wasting our opportunities to connect with them through the power of…
Catholic Communications

Hiding in Plain Sight: Dying of Spiritual Sickness

There’s a famous quote by Wendy Mass that goes like this: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” Sadly, this is the truth. People are dying from spiritual disease every day. If not…
Catholic Communications

Quitting Hopium: Stop Hoping and Start Inspiring Young People to Share their Story with Your Congregation [5 Tactics]

Are you hooked on Hopium? You just “hope” that Millenials are going to do a mea culpa and re-engage with the Church? So this single concept is usually what stops people in their tracks when they consider developing their organizational…